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Upcoming Qemu changes for 14.04

Qemu 2.0 is looking to be released on April 4. Ubuntu 14.04 closes on April 10, with release on April 17. How’s that for timing. Currently the qemu package in trusty has hundreds of patches, the majority of which fall … Continue reading

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Emulating tagged views in unity

I like tagged tiling window managers. I like tiling because it lets me avoid tedious window move+resize. I like tagged wm because I can add multiple tags to windows so that different tag views can show different subsets of my … Continue reading

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Quickly run Ubuntu cloud images locally using uvtool

We have long been able to test Ubuntu isos very easily by using ‘testdrive’. It syncs releases/architectures you are interested in and starts them in kvm. Very nice. But nowadays, in addition to the isos, we also distribute cloud images. … Continue reading

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RSS over Pocket

When google reader went away, I switched to rss2email (r2e) which forwards rss feeds I follow to my inbox. Soon after that I was to take a trip, and I wanted to be able to read blogs on my e-reader … Continue reading

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announcing lxc-snapshot

In April, lxc-clone gained the ability to create overlayfs snapshot clones of directory backed containers. In may, I wrote a little lxc-snap program based on that which introduced simple ‘snapshots’ to enable simple incremental development of container images. But a … Continue reading

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libvirt defaults (and openvswitch bridge performance)

The libvirt-bin package in Ubuntu installs a default NATed virtual network, virbr0. This isn’t always the best choice for everyone, however it “just works” everywhere. It also provides some simple protection – the VMs aren’t exposed on the network for … Continue reading

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Line buffering (and talking computers and irc meetings)

When I was a kid, I wanted computers to talk to me (and vice versa). Why, decades later, am I still squinting at the screen during hour-long irc meetings? Basta! So the last two weeks I’ve been listening to our … Continue reading

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