LXC 0.7.0

LXC 0.7.0 was released yesterday.  I tried it out on ubuntu maverick, and must say it worked great!  Alright, so there’s a little bug in the config file parser if you start lines with spaces (which is fixed in git) but that was all I found. To create a new lucid container, I did:

cat >> /etc/lxc-basic.conf << EOF


lxc-create -n ubuntu1 -f /etc/lxc-basic.conf -t ubuntu

Takes awhile for the first time since it debootstraps the whole system.  When done, you can create more machine (much faster) with

lxc-create -n ubuntu2 -f /etc/lxc-basic.conf -t ubuntu

Start them with

lxc-start -n ubuntu1 -d

and open a console with

lxc-console -n ubuntu1

Root/root is the default user/password.  Worked out of the box.  Terrific!

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