vnc on Nokia n900

One of the first things I tried after taking delivery of my new Nokia N900 was to see if vnc, which is installed by default, actually works. Sure enough it connected and showed me the desktop. However, every character I typed came through as a capital letter. Unless I typed several chars very quickly, in which case the trailing chars were lower case.

While googling for an answer, I saw one (or maybe a few) people complaining about this, but noone offered an answer.

It turns out that under the N900 settings app, under ‘Personalization->Text input’, you can choose ‘Auto Capitalization’ which capitalizes the first character of a names in contacts lists, etc. If you unset that, vnc works right. It’d be nice if this were fixed so I could keep that set (useful for contacts) and have vnc work, but at least I can use vnc.

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