Clearing the mind

Koichi Tohei, the founder of Shin Shin Toitsu Aikido and the Ki no
Kenkyukai, teaches that clearing your mind is like calming the water in
a pond – you can’t stop the ripples in the water by throwing rocks at
it, you just have to wait until the water is calm and try not to disturb
it any further. That is what we are supposed to practice during ‘ki
breathing’. However, the moment I start, new or forgotten thoughts come
to me which I don’t want to let go of lest I don’t remember them
later. Which sabotages the ki breathing.

Getting Things Done teaches that in order to be stress-free, you need to
commit everything (to do items, references items, ideas) to a system
that you trust to not lose it. Until you do that your mind will latch
on to them and they’ll keep bubbling back up.

So for the next few weeks I’m going to try something new (to me). I’ll
sit once a day with a notebook, start ki breathing, and as ideas come to
me, I’ll write them down.

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