ecryptfs and Ubuntu One:

Lately I’ve been switching laptops quite a bit, and re-installing them
even more. Much of what I do is replicated non-locally (launchpad, bzr,, etc) anyway, but I still have my own files – GTD
tracking and mail, mainly – which I always want locally available.
Accessing them over the network is not acceptable as it’s too slow,
requires constant network connectivity, and in the NFS/CIFS case is not
supported by ecryptfs. But only storing them locally isn’t acceptable
either. And rsync is just a pain – not to mention the fright of doing
a ‘rsync -va –delete’ in the wrong direction 🙂

So I’ve started using Ubuntu One. My main directory is
~/Ubuntu\ One/gtd, which is an ecryptfs’d directory. The first time I
start using a new system, I log into
gnome (hopefully I”ll soon figure out how to do it with u1sync),
click on the accounts menu at top right, select ‘Ubuntu One’, and
register my computer as a valid Ubuntu One device, and select
‘Files’ to be synchronized. Once it tells me it’s been fully
synchronized, I

mkdir ~/gtd
mount -t ecryptfs Ubuntu\ One/gtd ~/gtd
mkdir ~/mail
ln -s ~/gtd/mail ~/mail

I do want to try to keep it small, so I can quickly bootstrap without
having to wait for a long initial sync. But it’s great just not
having to worry at all about the syncing – it just gets synced in the

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