Ubuntu server – daily builds for libvirt

I’m experimenting with ‘daily’ builds of libvirt. What this means is a
package, available at

, which provides a version of
libvirt compiled from the very latest upstream libvirt git tree.

This might be useful to you if you just want some feature from upstream
which isn’t yet in the official packaged version. However I think it’ll
be even more useful in bug tracking, as we can now pretty easily test
whether a libvirt bug applies upstream as well.

Or, heck, you can also build your own. The recipe I use is:

# bzr-builder format 0.2 deb-version 1.0+{time}
# see https://help.launchpad.net/Packaging/SourceBuilds/Recipes
nest packaging lp:~serge-hallyn/+junk/libvirt-packaging debian
run QUILT_PATCHES=debian/patches quilt push -a
run rm -f debian/source/format

Libvirt is pretty closely tied to qemu-kvm, so I expect to run daily
builds of that as well.

The dailies are not automatic, so I expect to update them about twice
a week. If for some reason you absolutely need your fix “right now”,
give a shout on freenode #ubuntu-server, and I’ll kickstart a build.

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4 Responses to Ubuntu server – daily builds for libvirt

  1. Matt Saunders says:

    Hi – I’ve been looking for a PPA with newer builds of libvirt than 0.9.13 that I could use in quantal, but you’re doesn’t seem to still be around. Any suggestions? Thanks.

    • s3hh says:

      It should be a pretty simple affair to take the raring package and build it in a ppa for quantal. I could go ahead and push that to ppa:ubuntu-virt/ppa, though generally I don’t see many people using quantal. To do it yourself, you would jsut grab the sources (pull-lp-source libvirt), edit the changelog to set the release pocket to quantal, debuild -S -sa, then dput to your ppa. If you prefer I do it, please shout.

      Note I recommend waiting a few days for 1.0.4 to be pushed to raring, as it fixes a pretty bad migration regression, but is still hung on an FFE before we can push it.

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