The Linux Programming Interface

A few weeks ago I got a heavy package in the mail – a copy of Michael Kerrisk’s new book, “The Linux Programming Interface”. It’s a thing of beauty. A book you’re proud to just have on the shelf, but too useful to stay there.

For example, a few years ago I was looking for authoritative information about process groups and sessions. In the end I had to go look through kernel sources and ask some questions.

In “The Linux Programming Interface”, chapter 34 not only clearly explains sessions and process groups, but goes on to show how to use them in case you happen to want to write your own shell.

It’s 1500 pages of good information on just about anything you might want to look up while coding, liberally augmented with code examples. If you think I’m exaggerating, check out the table of contents.

No reason to be surprised, really. Michael is the maintainer of the linux man pages. And having had the fortune to work with him on a few small manpage changes, he always makes sure that he understand and confirm the smallest of details. This attention to detail has clearly been applied to this book as well.

Michael, thanks so much for writing this book.

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