I guess I’ve not mentioned it here – I still use pentadactyl for heavy web form entry (launchpad, wikis, etc), but outside of that I’ve been using vimprobably pretty much exclusively. It’s been working very well. I’ve got it packaged at ppa:serge-hallyn/vimprobable (package name vimprobable2).

A few hints on things (different from in pentadactyl) which took me awhile to figure out:

1. ‘y’ yanks the current URL. But when you highlight some text with the mouse, you can copy that text into the clipboard using ‘Y’. To then paste it into some other apps, I tend to have to run a script that does:

xclip -o -selection clipboard | xclip -i

There is probably a simple way to hack the code to use the primary selection in vimprobable2, but I’ve not looked into it yet.

2. To do text yanking without the mouse, I had to create ~/.vimprobablerc and put in:

set caret=true

Then I can do ‘/mysearchstring’ followed by return. The found string is highlighted (you can hit ‘n’ to find the next one). You can extend the highlighted text using shift-left/right or( control-shift-left/right to extend by word).

They may sound minor to some, but they made all the difference in making vimprobable2 useful to me for most everyday work.

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