Playing with ensemble

I was recently playing with ensemble. I was pleasantly surprised. To be honest, I had expected to be underwhelmed. Creating a VM on ec2 is quick, and adding the software I need after that isn’t exactly painful. That’s the point of packaging after all.

But, you’ve just got to try it!

There is a bit of one-time setup to do:

apt-get install ensemble
# tweak ~/.ensemble/environments.yaml,
# add access-key: and secret-key: per
bzr branch lp:principia-tools
cd principia-tools
./principia getall

Now, you’re ready to deploy:

ensemble bootstrap
ensemble deploy –repository=/home/serge/principia-tools/formulas jenkins
ensemble deploy –repository=/home/serge/principia-tools/formulas jenkins-slave
ensemble add-relation jenkins-slave jenkins
ensemble add-unit jenkins-slave

And boom, you have a jenkins server with two slaves!


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