cloud backups

Having recently narrowly skirted disaster, I’ve decided to redouble my backup efforts. I’ve been using Ubuntu One for about a year. I’m going to keep using it for music and such. However, I also was using it to back up and share (amongst multiple computers) daily working data. Ubuntu One was not ideal for this for three reasons: 1. I use the development release of Ubuntu, and Ubuntu One the program (and the libraries upon which it depends) can, like anything, sometimes break during development. 2. There is no way to manually force a backup of a subset. 3. You can’t use it if you don’t have a desktop.

I had been thinking of using for awhile, ever since I heard about their canary. Not that I need that, but the fact that they would think of and offer it impressed me.

So from now on, in addition to Ubuntu One (which I’ll absolutely continue to use to keep some of my data automatically in sync with zero effort) I will also be using There is no free tier, but since I can use (surprise) rsync, it gives me the control I need to force backups and restores when and where I need them.

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