google chat in irssi

When I’m AFK, I like to have irc PMs forwarded to google chat on my phone. However, when I’m at my laptop, I don’t want to have to type google chat messages into my phone. (And I certainly don’t want to have to open up firefox for that).

Luckily, it’s trivial to use google chat over irssi! It actually took me a few minutes to figure out some of the details, because noone seems to describe exactly how they do it. So here goes:

Install the xmpp irssi plugin. On ubuntu, just “sudo apt-get install irssi-plugin-xmpp”. Start up irssi, and load the plugin with “/load xmpp”. (Or you can put that into ~/.irssi/startup).

To log in, use “/xmppconnect -host yourpassword”. You can see who is on with “/roster”. Then to talk with someone, say “/query”. That’s it!

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9 Responses to google chat in irssi

  1. I’m interested, how you get PMs forwarded to Gtalk/xmpp ?

  2. Ah, I run irssi with irssi_proxy on my server, looks like i’ll have to write a script 🙂

  3. Patrick O'Connor says:

    Worked great, thank you!

  4. anon says:

    How can you toggle between chats?

    • anon says:

      just with /query again, ok but what if you want to run /roster again? it just doesnt happen.

      • s3hh says:

        Sorry I’ve not touched this since google chat went away. I’ve considered having my own xmpp server but haven’t bothered setting one up.

      • anon says:

        I’m using it right now since hangouts also uses the same protocol, and figured out that if you type just : ‘/query’ you drop to the main window and you can change server with ^X or type /roster again or /query someone.

  5. s3hh says:

    Neat – that sounds useful.

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