Call for testing: new qemu packages for raring


If you use qemu, kvm, or qemu-user in raring, please test the candidate packages in ppa:serge-hallyn/crossc.


The qemu and kvm projects historically had somewhat different code bases with some different features and advantages. For years they have been trying to merge the bases, and now they are just about there.

There was also divergence between the Debian and Ubuntu packages. The Ubuntu functionality was offered through two source packages – qemu-kvm in main, and qemu-linaro in universe. The qemu-kvm tree provided kvm binaries for x86 and amd64, while qemu-linaro provided everything else. The qemu-linaro tree also provided bleeding edge arm patches which were not yet in upstream qemu-kvm or qemu trees.

The wonderful Debian qemu team has an experimental set of packages to use the 1.2 upstream qemu to replace both qemu and qemu-kvm. The packages in ppa:serge-hallyn/crossc are based on that tree. They have: some packaging changes to accommodate upgrades from our current packaging layouts (thanks to stgraber, slangasek and infinity for help with some thorny issues); changes to reflect things which are not in main in Ubuntu; and additional arm patches from the qemu-linaro 1.2 tree. With these packages, we will be able to collaborate much more closely with the Debian team.

I’d like to get these packages into the archive no later than early January. Therefore, if at all possible, please do test the candidate packages, both for clean upgrades from your current setup to the new package layout (in other words, looking for errors when doing ‘apt-get dist-upgrade’) and for regression bugs in qemu itself.

To test, do the following in a raring install:

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:serge-hallyn/crossc
sudo apt-get update

and then either

sudo apt-get dist-upgrade

if you already had the packages you are interested in installed, or

sudo apt-get install qemu-system # qemu-user and qemu-user-static if you want those

Please feel free to report those here or the Ubuntu-server mailing list.


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4 Responses to Call for testing: new qemu packages for raring

  1. Jeremy Bicha says:

    Is there any chance that spice support could be enabled in Ubuntu’s qemu? That would fix

    • s3hh says:

      No, I’m afraid not. I wish it were possible, but the spice libraries and its dependencies are rejected for main. So there will continue to be a separate source tree in universe for spice.

      I’m not sure how the archive reorg (when it happens) will affect this. If after that we can enable spice without losing support from the security team, we can enable it. If it has implications on security team support, then we can probably merge the source trees but not the binaries themselves.

      • Jeremy Bicha says:

        Thanks for the response. I’m curious how long it’s been since spice was last evaluated for main inclusion. I believe Ubuntu is unique among GNOME distros for not shipping spice by default since GNOME Boxes uses spice.

  2. I am looking for Ubuntu blog in Google and I found this blog 🙂 Thank you…

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