When I saw the news that Google reader was going away, my first thought, like a lot of other people, was “woohoo, it’s going to be fun writing a new way to follow RSS.” This past weekend I looked at the calendar and, like most people, shouted “oh no, July 1 is just about here and I’ve done nothing.” I originally figured I would write a script to push links to pocket, which formats very nicely on the nook and in browsers. But then I ran into rss2email. I may hack it to send just one pocket-able url (though writing from scratch may be more fun) but for now, unchanged and sending full posts in email which I can read anywhere, it’s keeping me quite happy.

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2 Responses to RSS

  1. Henri says:

    I had the same reaction when I originally heard the news and ended up doing nothing because so many other things were in my queue. I finally moved to feedly. With the title only view it provides to a similar user experience like the google reader. Now I’ll also give rss2email. I’ve never heard of it so thanks for sharing the tip !

    • s3hh says:

      So this works out great when I’m at home and want to read over mutt anyway. But I’m about to have only my rooted nook touch e-reader with me for an extended period, so I whipped up yesterday which runs (over cron) after r2e does. procmail filters my r2e emails into mail/rss, and then rss_forward – if I’m not home – sends the urls to pocket. That way on my ereader I can sync readitlater and read them at my leisure while not connected. (Depending on how it goes during my trip, I’ll blog about it when I get back :).

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