RSS over Pocket

When google reader went away, I switched to rss2email (r2e) which forwards rss feeds I follow to my inbox. Soon after that I was to take a trip, and I wanted to be able to read blogs on my e-reader while on the road and when disconnected.

The e-reader has readitlater (now called Pocket) installed, and pocket accepts links over email. Perfect!

So I started procmailing the r2e emails into a separate rss folder, and wrote a little script, run hourly by cron, to send the article link embedded in emails in that folder to Pocket.

Now I just sync readitlater on the nook, and read all my blog posts at my leisure! If the file called do-rss-forward does not exist in my home directory, then the script does nothing. So when I want to read blogs with mutt I just move that file out of the way.

The script can be seen here. You’ll of course have to fill in your Pocket-registered email address, and need a mailer running on localhost.

Have fun!

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