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Customizing ubuntu phone: terminal top keyboard row

This is one of those “for my own reference on my next (pine) phone” posts, but anyone using ubuntu phone ( may find it useful. I use mutt (in a libertine ‘container’) on the ubuntu phone for sending email. The … Continue reading

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First experience with Ubuntu Touch

For the past few weeks I’ve been using a nexus 4 running ubuntu touch as, mostly, my daily driver. I’ve enjoyed it quite a bit. In part that’s just the awesome size of the nexus 4. In part, it’s the … Continue reading

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Running your own mail server

Motivation Not too long ago there was some hubub around In brief, if you use google mail, it tracks your purchases through receipts received in email. Now, some people see this as no big deal or even a feature. … Continue reading

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My phone’s not dumb, it just looks it.

Well actually it is a little. For my money, the height of the smartphone age was 2009-2011. That brought us the Nokia n900 and Nokia n9. Both brilliant for their own reasons. There were devices before that which I’d be … Continue reading

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Unprivileged container builds using stacker

One of the primary goals of user namespaces was to provide the ability for unprivileged users to have their own range of uids over which they would have privilege, with minimal need for setuid programs and no risk (barring bugs … Continue reading

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Outdoors laptop (part 2)

Some time ago I posted about wanting an outdoor laptop. The first option I listed was a panasonic toughbook. Recently (a year and a half later) I finally ordered one. I ordered from, because the people there are a … Continue reading

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TPM 2.0 in qemu

If you want to test software which exploits TPM 2.0 functionality inside the qemu-kvm emulator, this can be challenging because the software stack is still quite new. Here is how I did it. First, you need a new enough qemu. … Continue reading

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