Pockyt and edbrowse

I use r2e and pocket to follow tech related rss feeds. To read these I sometimes use the nook, sometimes use the pocket website, but often I use edbrowse and pockyt on a terminal. I tend to prefer this because I can see more entries more quickly, delete them en masse, use the terminal theme already set for the right time of day (dark and light for night/day), and just do less clicking.

My .ebrc has the following:

# pocket get
function+pg {
!pockyt get -n 40 -f '{id}: {link} - {excerpt}' -r newest -o ~/readitlater.txt > /dev/null 2>&1
e ~/readitlater.txt

# pocket delete
function+pd {
!awk -F: '{ print $1 }' ~/readitlater.txt > ~/pocket.txt
!pockyt mod -d -i ~/pocket.txt

It’s not terribly clever, but it works – both on linux and macos. To use these, I start up edbrowse, and type <pg. This will show me the latest 10 entries. Any which I want to keep around, I delete (5n). Any which I want to read, I open (4g) and move to a new workspace (M2).

When I'm done, any references which I want deleted are still in ~/readitlater.txt. Those which I won't to keep, are deleted from that file. (Yeah a bit backwards from normal 🙂 ) At that point I make sure to save (w), then run <pd to delete them from pocket.


The opinions expressed in this blog are my own views and not those of Cisco.

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2 Responses to Pockyt and edbrowse

  1. robyn says:

    Hey, creator of http://www.entertain-ment.co.uk. can you explain more about r2e and pocket for rss feeds. I need to integrate this feed on the blog section of the website.

    • s3hh says:

      In the post, the words “r2e and pocket” were a link to an older post of mine with more details – https://s3hh.wordpress.com/2017/12/16/pockyt-and-edbrowse/. I notice that the link to the rss_forward script there was stale, so I posted moved it.

      r2e stands for “rss to email”. You register a set of rss feeds with it, have cron run it periodically (like every hour), and it checks for new content and sends it to your email address. I then have a .procmailrc entry like:

      * ^User-Agent: rss2email

      Finally, cron runs rss_forward (see above link) to massage all the emails and send them to add@pocket.com from my email address. This is because if I had r2e send the emails straight to pocket, the entry author and subjects weren’t as useful.

      My crontab entries (for this) look like:

      05 * * * * r2e run
      25 * * * * ${USER}/bin/rss_forward

      So, it’s a bit crude, but as always that means I have more control.

      Now when I don’t have too many entries, I can just go to getpocket.com to look through them. But sometimes I have hundreds of new entries, many of which I don’t care to read (especially when I have limited internet). That’s where pockyt comes in, so I can get a one-line-per entry view, delete the lines I want to read later, then tell pockyt to delete the ones that are left.

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